about me

hi im uka or nera! 15 seasian nby pansexual girlthing, i like coding, making carrds, cooking, romance and more~! byf i tweet in filo often and also hatetweet a lot, i also join discourse untangged oops

comms resc insta spotify

dni unless i follow first if ur -14 or 24+, white, cishet, mcytwt, genshintwt, have the same names as me, kin or id me, lovemail my romo ccs in my mentions. other than that just dont be a freak, also dont reality check me on my das (im aware so dont do it unless i ask)

interests shoujo mangas, romfan manhwa/huas, making crds, coding, cookie run kingdom, honey lemon soda, webnovels

music stayc, twice, fromis, ot4 rv, ot3 aespa, ive, pink pantheress, mitski, cigarettes after sex, clairo, arctic monkeys and more

novels fake slackers, ti guan ci fu, qiang jin jiu, erha, how to get my husband on my side, villains are destined to die, villainess is a marionette

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