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a. ISA or IAIAu bisexual 18y gemini she-her pronouns.

Lover of sphynxs bangchan っ ̫ -˘♡ 2000’s pop culture and fashion sushi nana manga photoshoots girls sydney sweeney COWS saturn izone bella hadid painting pretty makeup & nails





b. Back Off basic dni criteria, suju kwj atz trs jae sorn stan, “sidera” with cringy or weird personality, copycat, from there I'm selective.

To Know I don't take kpop seriously, I don't defend racism, tweets in spa, idc about solo stans, heavy spam on chrisi and izone.

Note: I don't always give copies of my carrds so if you followed me bc of that dont waste your time <3 also when I say I talk a lot about bangchan I MEAN it.





c. MP3 izone stray kids mmld ive lsrfm aespa purki loona maggie enjoyer of rv idle stayc itzy fromis SNDS s.e.s. doja ayesha erotica raveena meg thee stallion see all +

Mis Amores chris tloml mío, hyewon and ot12 kazuha irene gigi sunghoon ahin yeeun chaein yuki yeji heejin yeojin hayoung nayeon chae momo dayeon


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