about me hii im shirina or kiana! im 16, south asian punjabi and a nby boygirlthing lesbian, i use he/she pronouns and im also autistic with hpd and dpd so please keep that in mind!

notes no copies currently (setting up comms), i respond the quickest through personal dms and discord so if you ever have crd questions the first place to go is there but i do frequently check my retrospring and crd acc. feel free to use my referral code 'KIANA' when upgrading ur crd plan (id really appreciate it!) and cr giamgri if u remake this crd! slight ib angeidairys btw.

extra i also go by chani or nalia, no fem terms except bitch but most masc terms are fine, i dont like the words "weirdo" and "freak" being used on me and i will block you if you ever use them even as a joke, also feel free to give me show/movie/book recs anytime!

likes MY BF + GF, ptgc, loona, vivi, yunjin, minghao, jiheon, cartoons, markiplier, dramas, coding (to some extent..), high fashion, fantasy genre, tumblr, shifting, han sohee, kitty chicha, wlw media, cats, spicy food, bracelet making, bedroom pop and much more!

before following french + eng speaker, no kys jokes please <3 („ᵕᴗᵕ„)♡ i dislike things that i talk about sometimes, everything i say is lighthearted, i block everyone who annoys me, not on a hardcore side of twt i rlly only like bts pjo and anime atm!! kind of rt heavy on my interests, i talk about my spinterests and hyperfixations, i delete tweets A LOT, if u don't vibe with me/don't like me please sb or hb so i know, can be ia but it's for food reason so don't unfollow T-T.

do not interact -13 or 19+, no age on profile, heavy ot7 aghase, nctzen, or ot4 my. hardcore violent "nurse they got out again" bts anti.!!! nd if u don't stan bts don't interact it makes me uncomfortable! \(*`∧´)/an annoying troll acc or cishet person, stan dream, jae/jay, giselle, jackson, hendery, jaehyun i don't like u and i will make it obvious if u follow anyway.

any besides the bts ones dont apply if i ff

kpop loona, svt, fromis, billlie, kara, tempest, ladies code, wjsn, stayc, yukika, clc, ive, purple kiss, wonder girls, aespa, tara, ses, twice, fx, snsd, red velvet, baby vox, 9muses, cix, boa, txt, kep1er, se so neon, yerin baek, hello venus, orange caramel, after school, woodz, weki meki, dia, lovelyz, girls day, exid, alice, pristin, chebul, dpr live, xdinary

western raveena, doja cat, mitski, megan thee stallion, pinkpantheress, rina sawayama, sza, normani, tinashe, clairo, chloe x halle, britney spears, frank ocean, tyler the creator, fka twigs, flo, aaliyah, wallows, the weeknd

dramas my name, all of us are dead, alice in borderland, girl from nowhere, sweet home, twenty-five twenty-one, business proposal, abyss, squid game

shows stranger things, euphoria s1, you, sex education, i am not okay with this, cruel summer, manifest, grand army, the queens gambit, arcane, adventure time, the amazing world of gumball, winx, 6teen

anime saiki k, erased, kakegurui, death note, fullmetal alchemist, fairy tail, the promised neverland, your lie in april

movies parasite, coraline, a silent voice, the garden of words, studio ghibli movies, twilight series, encanto, clueless, the half of it, the mitchells vs the machines, little women, bird box, spider man into the spider verse, debs, salt, song of the sea