✦ About Me

know me nyseki/xena she (elle) fae paragirl lesbian ⚢ white 14 nd adhd

my print ❥ bts ♡ coding, CATS, girls, mythology, kali uchis, bunnies, opossums, reading, minecraft, kung fu panda, fantasy, old kpop ggs

notes (1.) i fixate on elast & bts (2.) i change prns and names a lot (3.) dont use they unless i ask (4.) dni interact if ur +18 /srs.

✦ Guidelines

before you follow currently learning french! i mainly tweet about kpop & shows i like, i spoil & livetweet. idc who follows if u dont fit my dnfi, okay to req if private, i'll block u if see something i dont like coming from u. not ok with kys jokes, i support bts pop & i use a typing quirk!

do not follow -13 or 18+, dont support they/them + he/him lesbians, neos, xenogenders etc, get into fan wars, orbit that throws groups under the bus, ot7 aghase, heavy nctzen or my, or u don't stan bts.

✦ Stan list

kpop bts txt elast p1h got7 mirae itzy rv chebul shinee purki svt iz*one kingdom ateez ro punch gidle ive snsd bol4 suggi baby vox kara exid ichln ses pixy ghost9 h-issue cignature tbz dreamnote loona

ults bts jungkook yoongi tae, cherry bullet remi chaerin, elast wonhyuk wonjun, cignature jeewon semi, izone yuri yujin, pixy dajeong lola, purple kiss dosie ireh

semi ults txt yeonjun hyuka soob, snsd taey tiff, kingdom mujin chiwoo, ateez wooyo hwa yeosang, rocket punch sohee juri suyun, ghost9 shin kangsung, hot issue yebin dain yewon, loona yeojin yves

regs mirae junhyuk yubin, rv seulgi joy, svt hoshi hao, ses shoo, twice mina tzuyu, ive rei yujin

solo jisoo jennie rosè, ningning, ot4 rv, mark taeyong kun johnny ten haechan (nct), ot6 got7, all x-izone members