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6 About Me:

my name is uka or nera~! 15 seasian enby pansexual girlthing any prns except they C im ishimori uka (and others) irl dni if u kin/da me

6 I Like:

C romance C, html/css coding, making carrds, cooking, shoujo mangas, sanrio, makeup, clothes, and more

6 My Links:

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Q Notes
3 i go ia often and delete tweets
3 im an rt bot when it comes to things i like
3 i sometimes spam the tl about my interests
3 i may not always tweet but i do respond to dms
m Guidelines
4 -14 or 24+
4 white or cishet
4 part of genshintwt or mcytwt
4 you have the same names as me
4 you lovemail my romo ccs in my mentions
4 other than that just dont be a freak
m Notes
6 dont reality check me on my da
6 you can dm if you want to know my romo ccs
6 none of the guidelines apply if i follow first
P Interests
C shoujo mangas, romfan and modern manhwa/huas, making crds, html/css coding, cookie run kingdom, honey lemon soda, webnovels, legend of korra
P Music and Novels
s twice, fromis, itzy, stayc, ive, ot4 red velvet, ot3 aespa, xiaoting, youngeun, yurina, pinkpantheress, mitski, clairo, arctic monkeys, cigarettes after sex

u fake slackers, ti guan ci fu, qiang jin jiu, erha, mdzs, how to get my husband on my side, the villainess is a marionette, villains are destined to die