1. About Me

hihi m spencer or thao if close ♡ my pronounies are it he doll ~ m viet + chinese .. (se + easian) m also an estj, minor, nd a lesbian ૮›Ⱉ‹ა any terms r oki idm !! ~ this crd is optimized for pc

2. My Links

twt spotify pinterest tumblr whi everskies retrospring discord: meenoi#9990

3. Top Customers

i ♡ elris bella busters takara loona yves twice sana izone hitomi itzy lia stayc j/sieun ive wonyoung nd lots more .. m too lazy to list all TT i stan day6 lucy the rose dreamcatcher dreamnote ciipher the rose

4. Fashionistas

soloists sunmi somi yukika pinkpantheress keshi yayyoung doja cat mellow fellow taeyeon iu sole cavetwon mitski
actors andrew garfield ryan reynolds jerry trainor

5. Product Details

૮ o ﬞ ᗜ ﬞ o ა 🕯🕰 use thao and she/her or any pronouns only if close pls! any terms ok ~ i swear often, nsfw jokes, km/ys/die jokes, hold favs accountable, change layout and user a lot, dont take me srsly 90% of things i say are ironic, flirt jokingly (lmk if ur uncomfy!) & mean jokingly, i don't tw foods or caps. i make MANY grammatical & spelling errors, sb to break mutual, i usually don't use tonetags please lmk if u need them

6. Boutique Rules

૮ Ɛ ﬞᜊﬞﬞ 3 ა🕯🕰 dni if u fit the basic dfi criteria, __phobic, racist, asiaboo, mainly rt, 13-, anti groups i stan, tw food, furries, ship idols, kwj, omg, seungri, kwon mina, jae supporter, cishets, DSMP STANS DNI !! , invalidate non she/her lesbians & neopronouns, if u have no race visible anywhere (m gonna assume ur white)

7. Note...

if ur ever uncomfy w anything i say feel free 2 dm me ~

8. Chat With Me

chat n leave a message here ~~ ty for visiting my crd >< scroll down